Introduction to Program in Cultural Studies
    The Program in Cultural Studies (PCS) establishes on July,2004. As part of Shanghai University’s College of Humanities, PCS is the first program of its kind in China.
    In order to cultivate and train open-minded graduate students or doctoral candidates, the Program in Cultural Studies offers a focus on multidisciplinary research. Students are expected to develop their understanding of contemporary culture and society, and, in particular, the problems of contemporary China. After it is fully established, the Program will collaborate with relevant overseas institutions. At Shanghai University, it will utilize the resources of the Dept of Sociology and the Dept of Chinese Literature, both nationally reputed, respectively, for their Social Studies and studies in Contemporary Chinese Literature. For the time being, PCS will offer courses for graduates and doctoral candidates specializing in Cultural Studies and will not enroll undergraduates.
     PCS will also offer optional courses for senior students from Humanities and other university divisions. and will cooperate with teaching programs in the related cultural studies departments or institutes in HK, Tokyo and will develop further international contacts
    The Program Committee for the PCS is the policy-making arm of the PCS and currently the following scholars are members of the Program Committee :
    Cai Xiang(Professor, Dept of Chinese Literature, Shanghai University)
    Chen Xihe (Professor, College of Communications, Shanghai University)
    Dai Yuanguang(Professor, College of Communications, Shanghai University)
    Li Xiangping(Professor, Dept of History, Shanghai University )
    Li Youmei(Professor, Dept of Sociology, Shanghai University)
    Qu Chunjing(Professor, College of Communications, Shanghai University)
    Shen Guanbao(Professor, Dept of Sociology, Shanghai University)
    Wang Hongsheng(Professor, Dept of Chinese Literature, Shanghai University)
    Wang Xiaoming(Professor, Dept of Chinese Literature, Shanghai University)
    Zhang Jianghua(Professor, Dept of Sociology, Shanghai University)
    PCS will also set up an International Committee, whose members will serve for three years. Its purposes are to advise on curriculum, recommend teachers and evaluate the qualifications of foreign teachers and to promote the PCS internationally
    Currently, the following scholars are members of the International Committee:
    Andrew Ross (Professor of American Studies, New York University)
    Chan Ching-kiu Stephen (Professor, Dept of Cultural Studies, Lingnan University)
    Dai Jinghua (Professor, Institute of Comparative Literature, Peking University)
    Kuan-Hsing Chen (Professor, Dept of English Language, Tsing-hua University, Taiwan)
    Lawrence Wong Wang-chi (Professor, Dept of Translation, The Chinese University of
     Hong Kong )
    Leo Ou-fan Lee (Professor, Dept of East Asian Studies, Harvard University)
    Meng Yue (Assistant Professor of Chinese, University of California, Irvine)
    Meaghan Morris (Chair and Professor, Dept of Cultural Studies, Lingnan University)
    Sakai Hirobumi (Professor, Graduate School of Language and Society, Hitosubashi University)
    SENNO Takumasa (Professor, Faculty of Humanities , Waseda University, Tokyo)
    Scott Lash (Professor and Director of Center for Cultural Studies, Goldsmiths College)
    Shuny Yoshimi (Professor, Institute of Socio-information and Communication Studies)
    Sun Liping (Professor, Dept of Society ,Tsing-hua University, Beijing)
    Theodore Huters (Professor, Dept of East Asia Studies, UCLA)
    Paik Wondam (Professor, Institute for East Asia Studie,s Center for Culture and Information Studies, Surgkonghoe University, Seoul)
    Currently, the following teachers are the members of PCS :
    Wang Xiaoming(Director)
    Sun Xiaozhong
    Zhu Shanjie
    PCS will offer long term courses and short term courses, the former for 4 points, and the latter, which is elementary, for 2 points.
    1. Basic courses for doctoral candidates
    (1)Theory of Cultural Studies (4 points)
    (2)History and Culture of Contemporary Society ( 4 points )
    (3)Cultural Studies on Contemporary China (2 points)
    (4)New Theory and Thoughts (2 points, bilingual, and all lectures given by foreign scholars )
    2. All courses are offered to doctoral candidates in seminar form, and graduates are still required to select 2-3 courses from the Chinese Dept., Sociology Dept., Communications College or History Dept. in addition to these basic courses.


蔡翔 教授
陈犀禾 教授
戴元光 教授
李向平 教授
李友梅 教授
闵冬潮 教授
曲春景 教授
沈关宝 教授
王鸿生 教授
王晓明 教授
张江华 教授


罗安竹 教授
白元淡 教授
坂井洋史 教授
陈光兴 教授
陈清侨 教授
戴锦华 教授
吉见俊哉 教授
李欧梵 教授
孟悦 教授
Maghan Morris 教授
千野拓政 教授
Scott Lash 教授
孙立平 教授
胡志德 教授
王宏志 教授

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